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Uttarakhand Traditional Music

The musical forms of Uttarakhand add a lot to its cultural richness. The state is widely known for giving rise to many different types of folk music forms. The folk music in the state has been inspired by the natural beauty of the region. The feel and touch of nature can definitely be felt as you listen to the folk musical tones and music in different parts of the state of Uttarakhand. You can listen to folk music mainly during the festival season or when religious traditions are performed. These songs speak volumes of how rich and wide the state’s cultural heritage is.

Folk Folk songs in the state can be divided into different categories – ceremonious, martial and melancholy. Manuals, Panwaras, Jhoda and Thadya are some of the most popular folk songs in Uttarakhand. Popular musical instruments used by the people of this state include Dhol, Thali, Dholki, Turri, Damon, Tabla and Harmonium among others.

Prominent Folk Artist of Uttarakhand

The earliest of the singers who left never-ending impressions on the folk music of Uttarakhand were :

Mohan Upreti

The most famous person associated with Kumaoni Folk Music is Mohan Upreti, who is known for his Nanda Devi Jaguar & Rajula Malu Shahi Ballad. He is famous for the great Kumaoni song Bedu Pako Baro Masa which for many years has been the identity of the hills of Uttarakhand It is said that this song was also a favorite of Jawahar Lal Nehru who heard it in a band march as this song is also a popular marching song.

Shri Gopal Babu Goswami

Shri Gopal Babu Goswami who is considered to be a legend in Kumaon for his melodious voice. His songs on the life of the members of the armed forces and their families, like Kaile baje muruli, Ghughuti na basa, and many others are legendary, it is said that when these songs were transmitted on the All India Radio, women with their husbands could not help but weep when they heard the soul touching voice of Gopal Da as he was lovingly called.

Shri Narendra Singh Negi

Shri Narendra Singh Negi who is considered to be the voice of Garhwal.

Chander Singh Rahi

Chander Singh Rahi is another popular singer, a balladeer, and storyteller. His recordings are perhaps the most authentic to the hills, and he incorporates many legends and folk tales into his rousing songs.

Heera Singh Rana

Heera Singh Rana is identified as a singer and a poet of whose songs are known to describe the pain of the people of the hills.