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Uttarakhand Arts and Crafts

Uttarakhand Arts and Crafts

The northern Indian state of Uttarakhand is also an excellent hub to witness some of the finest items of art and craft. The variety of these items is a testimony to the state’s rich cultural traditions. While on a tour to the cities and towns of Uttarakhand, you can also plan to have a peek into the exemplary craftsmanship, which one of the key features of the state. By exploring these art and craft items, you’ll be able to experience the artistic inclination of the people of the state.

Though the state features a wide range of artistic activities, one craft that is most popular is wood carving. Of course, the beautiful sceneries of Uttarakhand have the power to stir the artist in almost everyone. Some of the great examples of wood carvings can be seen in the temples and palaces of Uttarakhand. Apart from wood carvings, other key forms of craft in the state include painting, jewellery making, candle making etc.

Wood Carving

As mentioned above, Uttarakhand has numerous temples where you can explore the artistry in wood carvings. The Devalgarh Temple, The Temple of Srinagar-Garhwal and the Devi Madin are some of the prominent places where you can see some excellent examples of wood carvings.

Paintings in Uttarakhand – The art practised in Repose

Being rich in natural beauty, the cities and towns of Uttarakhand have been inspiring generations after generations. The rolling hills, dense forests, sky hugging peaks and the rich flora and fauna are just the right ingredients to inspire an artist. That’s why you can also see some of best works of paintings in the state. The Garhwal School of Painting is a must-visit for everyone.

Temple Architecture

nyone that has an eye for aesthetic beauty likes to explore the exemplary architecture of the temples of Uttarakhand. Kings and queens of the state-supported many forms of art and craft temple architecture being one of them. There are temples almost in every corner of the state. So, you’ll have some quality time to spend exploring the rich temple architecture.


While visiting the various temples of Uttarakhand, you can also check out the wonderful murals inside. Murals, in the form of wall paintings or Aipan, are a window to the cultural richness of the state. Murals also have a lot of religious significance.