Pahadi House

About Pahadi Lifestyle

About Pahadi Lifestyle

The word PAHADI stands for those who are being accommodated on the Hills. They are passing their experiences & knowledge from one generation to the next. They are accustomed to new ages although not regularly updated with the modern world. In this region, people are innocent and believe in eat, sleep and walk the life as it is.

Traditional houses are made from mud, stone, and wood designed in such as way that they can protect themselves from chilling winters. Usually, roofs are of stone sheets. It has the strength to bear snowfall. The best wood is considered as pine wood readily available in the Himalayas. Interiors and exterior like a door, windows are made up of wood that lasts for a generation. The strength of Pinewood begins with not less than 100 years. Sometimes go up to 1000 years as is showcased in Himalayan temples.

In village, one can easily witness the Pahadi Women engrossed with domestic tasks. In her domain comes growing vegetables, milking the cows, gathering wood from the local forest for winters over their head. Rajma is locally grown locally in Himalaya. Women are seen in their tribal dresses cooking local Rajma and red rice, spinning their sheep wool and weaving local shawls by hand in fee time. Women generate own revenue by selling them in the local market by the weekend and buying groceries for coming month in exchange for sold goods.

Traditional Pahadi man is engrossed in the activities such as farming, traveling from valley to valley to feed their sheep’s etc. A man involved in cutting and transportation of giant trees and local furniture business. Also, stone collection, crystal collection, medicinal herbs collection etc. is a prime source of man’s earning.

Construction of Pahadi Houses is always a lifetime dream for the Pahadi Man !!!

In Pahadi lifestyle although a man is provider women is more dominant over family life decisions than man does.