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Pahadi House gives you a lifetime experience to “be yourself”. Away from the “busy” and “hectic” life schedule, spending moments in the lap of mother nature, with this Kantal camps and homestay you instantly connect with your soul. You wake up to witness God’s most beautiful creation all around by simply peeking out from the window of your room.

  • Hatha Yoga Classes

  • Ashatanga Yoga Classes

  • Osho Meditation

  • Vipasana Meditation

  • Yoga and Ayurveda

  • know about Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Wellness Retreat Packages in Rishikesh Himalayas

A Healthy outside starts from Inside

Yoga Retreat in Himalayas
Get Connect into Nature

Yoga needs no introduction as it has become a worldwide famous activity that has helped people maintain a healthy lifestyle. The theory and practice of yoga is something that has proved life-changing for people all across the world. As the number of Yoga aspirants is increasing at a very high pace, this is why the need of Yoga teachers is also always there.

Days: 3/5/7
  • Organic Farming
  • Food & Stay
Daily Yoga Classes
  • Adventure Activites
  • Day Trek
Meditation Retreat

Keep Calm and stay Focused

Make time for yourself and your practice in a supportive and peaceful contemplative environment. Entering into a self-directed or long-term retreat allows you to design a program that best meets your needs and schedule. This could be an intensive silent meditation retreat, or it could be a more gentle meditation.

Days: 3/5/7
  • Organic Farming
  • Food & Stay
Daily Meditation Classes
  • Adventure Activites
  • Peaceful Place
Ayurveda & Yoga TREATMENT

True Saviors of Life

One of the most important aspects that should be kept in your mind regarding Ayurveda is that they are long term. Ayurveda treatment is not any medicine that removes the symptoms of ailments at the movement because it heals from base outwards.

Days: 3/5/7
  • Organic Farming
  • Food & Stay
Panchakarma Therapy
  • Ayurveda Therapy
  • Peaceful Place

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Client's Review

Certainly doing re-visits to here. Settled on a side of the mountain encompassed by numerous mountains all round with exceptionally unimportant settlements, it just feels so near nature. Good rooms, exceptionally all around kept up, extremely gracious staff. Snows in winter and stays cool in summers. The chief there is a brilliant individual and an impeccable host. From masterminding starters amid campfire to guaranteeing you get required temp water and a perfect room he does it all. A flawless weekend getaway be it just you and your accomplice or a major gathering this spot stimulates all. Little night treks to early morning dawn perspective of the mountains (not in direct view but rather a trek away on top of the same mountain). Simply cherished this spot near nature.

Vatsala s

I visited in place for the first time in June with my friends for a small vacation. We booked it in advance. It's a beautiful place. Couples will love the location. Owner managing the place is nice and very courteous. Food is also good. You will love the way they will cook the food and present it for you. There is a lot of natural beauty that you can see around you. Instead of roaming here and there you can sit and at this place to enjoy and walk around the natural beauty. Stay was incredible, purely relaxing environment, staffs were cooperative. If someone wants a stress free holiday see green is better option. Clouds surrounding the mountains with cool air truly rejuvenate both soul and mind. Stayed June 2016, travelled with family


I really liked this place. Its sort of a rejuvination, A different life, So calm n quiet, incredible Village walk, apple gardens, staff is good, friendly professional too, must visit

Robin Chugh

Wonderful! Incredible! There is not any perfect word that will describe this Homestay! From Location to Services; everything is ultimately amazing. Never forget the experience I gain here. @PahadiHouse; located in the lap of Himalayas, near Kodia Forest Range is the fantastic place to spend your lovely and precious time. Never forget the tasty Pahadi Food! Dal ki pakodi, Kafli, Til Chutney, Kheer, Puri and many yummy yummy food adds a super taste in our vacation. Thanks to Pahadi House Team for such a homely and amazing service!

Ojaswani Sharma

MAKING OF PAHADI House A Wellness Center

On June 2013, when Kedarnath floods devastated all what came in its way, a thriving rafting resort at Rishikesh was also devoured by the relentless flood waves. The owners, two young guys hailing from Uttarakhand, had put all they had into the rafting business. The floods may have devastated their business; however, their unflinching will to succeed against all the odds grew even stronger. Together, they came up with the idea of Pahadi House – an eco friendly homestay that has since become a torch-bearer for promoting rural tourism in Uttarakhand.